Modules and features

Project Schedule

PAMC offers a multitude of modules to suit the demands of the MRO industry and to have a pricing model that fits your business.
Our software can be used in all the spheres of activity of a company including:
  •  Invoicing
  •  Quality Assurance and SMS
  •  Tooling and equipment
  •  Planning
  •  Inventory
  •  Finance


  •  Single software to manage the entire business
    Most of the enterprises use several software applications or Excel sheets to be able to run the company correctly. Also, people are only involved to transfer data from one computer program to another. With PAMC, you don't have to do it because everything is already in the software and all modules interact with each other.
  •  Complete workflow from customer quote to final invoicing
    PAMC is able to manage the entire workflow: from the initial request of the customer to the final invoice including fixed prices, additional labor and parts based on the contract.
  •  Integrated finance & general ledger
    All transactions in PAMC generate GL entries which serve to prepare a trial balance and finally, a financial statement.
  •  QA proactive system to prevent errors & FOD and to enforce compliance with airworthiness regulations
    With the complete workflow managed by PAMC and all the modules that exchange data, our system is able, for example, to prevent particular employees from releasing routine or non-routine work based on regulations, QA and customer’s requirements. Furthermore, the notifications are displayed directly in the punch system to ensure all the tools are returned before the project is completed and to remind the employees to read safety reports and maintenance alerts.
  •  Paperless system and scanning documents into PDF
    PAMC supports the electronic approval of non-routine cards, purchase requests, purchase orders, supplier payments, overtime and much more! Also, you can scan into PDF files the part certifications and approval documents directly from the system by simply clicking a button. With all the files and approvals attached to each work card, you can generate within a few minutes a full PDF package with the certifications of all the parts installed for a customer.